DIY Galentine’s Day Relaxation Basket ❤

Happy Galentine’s Day, Ladies!

Galentine’s Day is nearing and we can’t wait for confirm our affection for our gal pals! There are so many gift ideas, and you are bound to be confused when you have so many options to choose. Should you spread the love to your favorite gal pals this February with a DIY relaxation basket filled with some cozy Bearpaw pieces. Since these baskets are so fun to put together and you can customize it for every gal on your list.

It’s still winter, so maybe give your girls the gift of comfort with a St. Petersburg Jacket by Bearpaw. This hot pink plush sweatshirt is perfect for a Netflix night. The little bear ears on the hood are an adorable touch that is totally instagrammable. If you feel like getting a little naughty with the gifting, go for recreational toys! These are clearly relaxational, and even if your friends are new to such toys, there are enough step by step process guides on the internet! However, if you want to stick with customary gift choices, that works well too!

Bath time is a must for every woman. Pick some of your personal favorite lotions, bath bombs and face masks for a luxurious night in. Oh, and also consider adding some scented oils from AromaTech or similar e-stores. Your gal pal can use these with a diffuser device to add a bit of bliss to her self love routine. Lavender, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Green Tea, oooooh, it feels so fresh just listing them here. She’ll probably feel like she’s in paradise when she uses your gifts!

After bath time is done, keep the comfort going in the Bearpaw Effie slippers in cream and super soft knee high socks.

Pop all of these goodies in cute little basket and make your besties day!

How are you spending your Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments!



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