10 Easy and Creative Ways to Dye Easter Eggs

Bearpaw Dixie Natural Tea Dyed Easter EggsImage courtesy of Sayyes.comTutorial here: https://sayyes.com/2017/03/natural-tea-dyed-easter-eggs Kool Aid Dyed EggsImage courtesy of The Typical MomTutorial Here: https://temeculablogs.com/how-to-dye-eggs-with-kool-aid/ Whipped Cream Tie Dye EggsImage courtesy of...

DIY Galentine’s Day Relaxation Basket ❤

Happy Galentine's Day, Ladies! Galentine's Day is nearing and we can't wait for confirm our affection for our gal pals! There are so many gift ideas, and you are bound...

Art with the Bearpaw Gia

Yesterday we had a blast checking out Avery Orendorf's amazing murals at the West Austin Studio Tour! The BEARPAW Gia sandals got in on the action too! Back away from...

Unique Gifts: Etched Bearpaws by Merche Meriposa

Want your BEARPAWS to be super unique?  Try getting them Henna Etched by Merche Mariposa! Here, Merche took a pair of Emma 10" in Hickory and used her incredible talents...

Rhinestone boot tutorial

Boots are my shoe of choice and adding some custom sparkly bling makes them even better! In this tutorial I will show all the steps needed to add rhinestones to...

Adding belts to your boots is soooooo easy!!

Enjoy the tutorial below, care of www.sentfrommars.com Now that we're clear on that, this tutorial will show you how to add belts to your boots to give them some extra...




With cozy suede uppers and the softest wool or full sheepskin linings, your feet will feel delightful.