Art with the Bearpaw Gia

Yesterday we had a blast checking out Avery Orendorf’s amazing murals at the West Austin Studio Tour! The BEARPAW Gia sandals got in on the action too!


Back away from my Gia’s, swimmer lady!

The mural was painted on Avery’s fence and she invited all her visitors and passerby to take selfies with the beautiful street art.


Wish we had our swimcaps and goggles!

We took full advantage and the whole family got in on the fun!

I absolutely love checking out artwork. There is nothing quite like a day spent wandering around an art gallery. Quite often I even treat myself to a print or two from the gift shop. It is safe to say that I have built quite an extensive collection of wall art over the years.

My love of artwork does not end there though. If you want to buy any wall art online shop options can be just as exciting. There are so many amazing art shop websites online nowadays, the possibilities are endless.

Back to the tour now though and the house was full of art in a variety of mediums by talented ladies including Julie Pelaez, Valentina Dorsa, Soo Lee, and Roxanne Rathge. The effortless and stylish look of the Gia sandals fit right in!

gia scaled

Gorgeous and Comfortable? Yes, please!


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