10 Easy and Creative Ways to Dye Easter Eggs

Natural Tea Dyed Easter Eggs
Image courtesy of Sayyes.com
Tutorial here:
How to Dye Eggs With Kool Aid 3
Kool Aid Dyed Eggs
Image courtesy of The Typical Mom
Tutorial Here:
These mood ring Easter eggs change colors just like a mood ring! Easter eggs of the future! SO cool!
Mood Changing Easter Eggs
Image courtesy of dreamalittlebigger.com
Tutorial Here:
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Tissue Paper Easter Eggs
Image courtesy of Savvymamalifestyle.com
Tutorial here: https://bit.ly/2Kqq7kc

Lace Textured Eggs
Image Courtesy of Marthastewart.com
Tutorial here: https://bit.ly/2G5sCTH
Marbled easter eggs-8
Marbled Nail Polish Eggs
Image Courtesy of Placeofmytaste.com
Tutorial Here:
gorgeous Glitter Easter Eggs
Glitter Easter Eggs
Image courtesy of Thegirlinspired.com
Tutorial Here:
DIY Gold Leaf Eggs
Gold Leaf Easter Eggs
Image courtesy of Apumpkinandaprincess.com
Tutorial Here:

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