Paws in ‘Pawz

If you’ve been following our Facebook page lately (and if you’re not, why??), you’ll notice something totally cute and adorable happening. Our fans love to pose their furry family next to their BEARPAWs. I mean, who can forget this picture:

Kittens in BEARPAW

Cute Kitten Sleeping in BEARPAW Emma Boot

So we thought we’d give something back to our amazing animal family … all those little critters and creatures who make us laugh, warm our hearts, and unironically takeover the entire bed … Because they are so cute you have to take care of them though! My friend told me that has some great tips to keep your adorable kittens healthy and happy!

cute animals

Please turn off the light! We’re trying to sleep here!!

Here’s the deal: upload a picture of your furry baby next to your BEARPAWs on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page so we can oooo and ahhhh all over the cuteness together. Then on JANUARY 16TH, we’ll announce a GRAND PRIZE WINNER who will not only win a pair of BEARPAW boots, but we’ll also donate $100 in your name to your favorite animal shelter. If you want to boost your chances by increasing your Instagram popularity, then you could use one of these 55+ Best Instagram Followers Apps (2021) to boost your followers.

Could there possibly be more than one winner?

Well, this is BEARPAW you’re talking about 😉

Follow us on our social media sites and share this link! Let’s do it for the cuteness people!!!!


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