Spring Flowers and Fashion!

Spring is here, which means wildflowers; bluebonnets specifically here in Texas.  Everyone takes photos of their children and dogs in the bluebonnets, so why not my BEARPAW Athena sandals! Isn't...
BEARPAW Katniss Boot

BEARPAW Katniss Winter Boot: Not Just for Superheros

One thing I love about winter style is that you can combine different patterns that you'd never think of mixing in the summer. When one of our favorite models, Nikki,...

Weekend Dreams – BEARPAW in Paris

Are you in a part of the country covered in snow? Are you considering setting your computer on fire for warmth? (Just me? Oh, okay lol) This Boston weather has...




With cozy suede uppers and the softest wool or full sheepskin linings, your feet will feel delightful.