Weekend Dreams – BEARPAW in Paris

Are you in a part of the country covered in snow? Are you considering setting your computer on fire for warmth? (Just me? Oh, okay lol)

This Boston weather has me dreaming of so many romantic places – Florence, Barcelona, Cabo … but especially PARIS! Anywhere in France where my beau and I can sip espresso at a quaint cafe, eat croissants like I don’t care about calories or carbohydrates, and dance like Audrey Hephern in Funny Face. (If you haven’t seen it, please do so we can still be friends – http://amzn.to/1FGJVSF)

Now the important part … what shall I wear? I’m thinking Parisian fashion all the way because when in … Paris, as you know.

BEARPAW Octavia Shoe

Oo lala … Je aime Paris!

Isn’t it lovely?? The BEARPAW Octavia goes perfectly in the Parisian style. Want to shop the look? Check out our Polyvore page!

How would you style yourself for Paris? Ahhh, the dream … Paris, I’ll visit you soon!

Have a comfy, warm and most élégant weekend <3 Love, Boo

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