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If you followed along on my Instagram stories, you know I had a blast on my birthday! My friend Jordan took the day off of work and we ran around town, met up with my husband for lunch, ate all of our favorite food, had a fun photo shoot and vlogged the day (video below)!


Our first stop on our food tour was Bartaco! Everything is so good there it’s hard to not overeat! They have a variety of incredible tacos (yummy vegetarian options!), tasty desserts and some of my favorite sides ever. I’d highly recommend the falafel, crispy rock shrimp & pork belly tacos, corn OFF the cob, and (obviously) the churros!


Falafel & Corn Off The Cob

After lunch, we walked around 12 South and had a fun photo shoot for two of my favorite brands Bearpaw Shoes & cabi! The full looks are coming to my blog very soon, but for now here’s a little preview…

While we were photo shooting, some girls from the Grand Ole Opry asked us if we would be in their article about the murals in Nashville… so obviously we posed like this.

Next stop… Five Daughters Bakery! If you visit Nashville and don’t go to Five Daughters… you are missing out hardcore. Their 100 layer cronuts are a cross between a doughnut and a croissant and can take up to 3 days to make. Visit with your belly empty. Seriously.

They also have the cutest kids play area… which we obviously enjoyed 🙂

After walking around town a bit more, Jordan dropped me off at my husband’s work so I could grab appetizer’s before calling it a day. I wasn’t sure how I would fit any more food into my body at this point, but once we got there I could not resist! Sinema‘s appetizers are absolutely incredible. We had the Cheese and Butcher’s Board, Agnolotti, and Octopus! The Agnolotti was probably my favorite (you can’t beat a fancy form of ravioli!), but I really enjoyed the smoked duck on the Cheese & Butcher’s Board (Josiah’s favorite), and it was so cool to try the Octopus! You really can’t go wrong with anything at Sinema. They even surprised me with a birthday cupcake! The icing on it was UNREAL.


Octopus appetizer… look at that tentacle (properly known as an arm)!

I had so much fun visiting my favorite spots with my favorite people… it was definitely a birthday well spent! If you’re visiting Nashville anytime soon, these are my top places to go!

What are your favorite places in Nashville? What are your favorite things to do when celebrating? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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