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Hi Bearpaw Friends!

My name is Lauren Toews and I’m taking over Bearpaw’s Blog & Instagram to share my travel style!

For our one-year anniversary trip, my husband and I went on a little getaway to the mountains!Going away on vacation can be oddly stressful. I know some people who get Verisure Smart Alarms installed beforehand so if anything happens they know their home is safe. It’s understandable if you’re leaving home behind for a period of time. Still, we hardly ever have a huge agenda on vacay (we are zoned in on relaxing), so cute and casual outfits are a must! Follow along on our journey…

Packing essentials.

When we arrived at our cabin in Wears Valley, TN I was just a LITTLE bit excited! We found it on VRBO and it was perfect! Luckily, we were able to drive to our holiday destination, but some people might be further away from this place. Of course, some people could always consider taking other transport options, such as a private jet from Jettly.com. That could get people to their vacation destination a lot quicker and easier, especially if they are far away.

I wore Gracies while we were traveling because they are so comfortable for a long drive! I love pairing them with my black jeans and a striped top! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably see them all over my feed!

A top knot, oversized tee, and Jodies are a must for a leisurely walk around the property!

Sorry ladies – he’s taken! This is my husband, Josiah, wearing the Crocketts!

We had a great time snapping a few photos and taking in the view!

There’s something about a vacation that makes me want to wear a hat! This one went perfectly with my new Ellens! These cuties are currently at the top of my shoe list.

You know what they say… couples who wear Bearpaw together, stay together. Or something like that…

My feet are ALWAYS cold, so I always pack comfy socks for relaxing after a day of walking around!

Josiah slipped on his Heaths for the ride home…

And I went with my Faye slip-ons!

Thank you for following along! To see more details about the trip or my blog, you can visit laurentoews.com or follow me on Instagram!

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