Happy Walking the Dog Day!

So it seems like there is a day for anything and everything because today is Walking the Dog Day. But hey, we aren’t going to complain about more dog content! Dogs truly are man’s best friend – how could you not love how cute and cuddly they are?! If you own a dog then you know how much time and care it takes to ensure they’re healthy and trust you to look after them. Gaining your dog’s trust can take a long time, especially if they’re a rescue dog.

Looking after your dog isn’t as simple as feeding it and taking them for a walk. It requires you to know exactly what they need at any time. For example, you should notice if your dog is itching more or seems to be uncomfortable. Just remember that if your dog gets allergies all the time get these hypoallergenic beds that can relieve their itchiness or pain. This level of care is always needed because they can’t communicate to you what’s wrong in any other way.

However, all this hard work is well worth it once your dog showers you with love and affection. This is why it’s important to celebrate days like this to show the world how much you and your dog love each other!

So celebrate Walking the Dog Day and use it as a perfect excuse to post one of my favorite BEARPAW pictures ever! BEARPAW Angelina boots with puppies; could anything be cuter? Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 12.47.51 PM


And here’s a bonus of my very own puppy, Junie, with the BEARPAW Demi boot. Cuteness overload!

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 12.48.21 PM

More puppy adorableness!

Hope you get some doggy cuddles of your own today. Nothing cures a case of the Mondays faster!

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