Helloooo, Summer!

Oh my … summer. Stylish, chic, memorable … SUMMER! Now what do we wear??

Down here in the BEARPAW Den in Austin, we’ve been flooded with rain. I don’t know about you, but whenever it rains, I think classic style with a twist. It’s so romantic when you think about it – dashing in and out from under awnings, jumping puddles, and huddling with your sweetheart under an umbrella you purposefully bought too small just to get closer. Who cares about a little mascara when romance is in the air? That’s why we had to put together this style board with our Peggy Rain Boot. It’s full of color and romance:

Singing in the Rain: The Peggy Rain Boot

Singing in the Rain: The Peggy Rain Boot

Shop the look here: http://polyv.re/1HT3tsb

After the rain, there’s nothing like that first spot of sunshine. It’s been grey here for the last 3 weeks, but today? Blue skies (for now) and sun shining down like you wouldn’t believe. I’m here at Mozart’s Coffee Roasters on the lake writing this, and it couldn’t be more beautiful. I’m wearing the Cindy Sandal with a sun dress, but here’s my dream outfit. It’s like wearing the sunshine …

Flamingo on the go-go: Cindy Sandal

Flamingo on the go-go: Cindy Sandal

Shop the look here: http://polyv.re/1SHxDSo


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