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Rocking the Slippers with Kacey

It's Monday after Spring Break and people around the country are sitting sadly at work, dreaming of the sunshine and fun of last week.  It makes you just want to stay...

Abigail Love

Everyone loves the Bearpaw Abigail boot! Abigail gets the fold-over Just ask Leah over at Best Travel Gear!  She raves about the Abigail's flexibility and warmth. Abigail all pulled up!...
desmona puppy 2

Puppy Love with Desdemona

Meghan Davis had a lot of fun with some of the adorable puppies at Plumery Tails in her BEARPAW Desdemona boots and shared the photos with us! Those smell good Meghan...

Combating the Cold with Adrianna

The mercury keeps dropping, but Elissa of Style shows us how to stay warm AND fashionable in the BEARPAW Adrianna Boot in Charcoal. Even in the cold of Boston, Elissa...
taylor in madisons

Fashion Questions: Shorts with Bearpaws

There are a couple of fashion questions we get consistently:  can I wear shorts with my Bearpaws and can I wear my Bearpaws when it's still warm outside. They say...

Holiday gift guides for her

Harrison writer of Gilty as Charged, included the boetis boots in her holiday gift guide Read the article HERE And follow Amy on Instagram here: @amyytk

Blogger of the week – Rachel Sayumi featuring the Isabella

BOOTS WITH THE FUR (VEST) It's FAUX FUR VEST season, baby! It's funny because since it's almost winter time, I've been getting a LOT of traffic from my Pins where...

Blogger spotlight: Petite Flower

Back to the East Coast was like a chill pill, literally! Today, I had to bring out the heavier coat. A lot of layered outfits will come your way in...

Blogger spotlight

We really found some cool places to take photos this time around. Every time we go into the canyon, I have been dying to get in the middle of the...




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