Holiday gift guides for her

Harrison writer of Gilty as Charged, included the boetis boots in her holiday gift guide Read the article HERE And follow Amy on Instagram here: @amyytk

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Bearpaw Feeling In Color

No matter what you’re feeling, BEARPAW has a look for all your moods. Get the BEARPAW Glimmer Boot: BEARPAW Footwear Presents: Feeling in Color Featuring the Glimmer Boot

Bearpaw Making An Exit

For every day of your work week… Make an exit. Make an entrance. Make it fabulous. Get the BEARPAW Johanna Boot: BEARPAW Footwear Presents: Making an Exit Featuring the...

Bearpaw Couch Calling

Lay back. Relax. Give your tootsies a BEARPAW vacation in style! Your couch is calling... Get the BEARPAW Travel Boot: BEARPAW Footwear Presents: Couch Callin' Featuring the Travel Boot...

Bearpaw Date Night

Go ahead. Get all dazzled up. No matter what you wear for the big date, you’ll like a million bucks, and your feet will thank you at the end of...

Bearpaw Weekend Fun

Every weekend should look this good. One boot. One weekend. So many possibilities... Get the BEARPAW Boshie Boot: BEARPAW Footwear Presents: Weekend Time Featuring the Boshie Boot

Bearpaw After Party

Looking this good at night shouldn’t cripple you the next day! Dance all night. Rule the after party. Still feel fabulous tomorrow. Get the BEARPAW Bonnie Boot: BEARPAW Footwear...




With cozy suede uppers and the softest wool or full sheepskin linings, your feet will feel delightful.