National BFF Day with Bearpaw

We’re celebrating #NationalBFFDay this week! Who is your bestie? Share a photo with #BearpawBesties and make sure to tag and follow @BearpawStyle for a chance to win a pair of slippers for yourself and a friend!

“This is my BFF @dalydoll101 aka dalylah we met a few years back at a photo shoot and we clicked, she is funny, adventurous and so pretty! And P.S our moms are great friends too 🙂 “

Xoxo Miss Kayla rose ❤️ @StylishKayla

Featuring the Bearpaw Alyssa

“My bestie is my big sister, Crystal. We weren’t the best of friends when we were younger, but things are completely different now. We started a travel blog together about 3.5 years ago and it’s been so much fun exploring the world together.”

Featuring the #BearpawNadine

“Here’s my BFF Justin – he also doubles as my husband, lucky guy! We have been married 10 years on the 27th of this month and I couldn’t sum up in a couple lines what he means to me and our kids.

He’s smart, handy, determined, works so hard for our family and is almost as stubborn as me! Our favorite date night includes checking out a new to us brewery – bonus points if they have pountine on the menu – and then settling in back at home on the couch to watch a documentary of some sort!”


Featuring the Bearpaw Ellen

“3,800 miles separate me from my best friend. We have one of those stories that people give you the crazy look for…we met through Instagram over two years ago, and met in real life this past March when I flew to England to surprise her for her birthday (which was a funny story when WOW Air went bust 21 hours before my return flight home!) 

Kristi and I are the same person, and we are inseparable. She’s my person and soulmate, and she makes me so proud every day. We now own a photography business together, train for a half marathon together every day, and have the hope of living in the same city in the next couple of years. We have so many dreams! Distance is so extremely hard, but worth it, because when you find a best friend like Kristi, you hold on tight no matter the miles or time between you.”


“My best friend will listens to me and thoughtfully respond rather than react to what I’ve said even if you have triggered something in her. The ability to hear what another is truly saying is one of the best parts of friendship.”


“My best friend, Hannah and I met back in middle school. We did absolutely everything together, but lost touch when she moved 3 hours away. Fast forward 15-ish years. She is back and we are inseparable once again. This woman inspires me to be better tomorrow than I am today. Thankful for her.”



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