Things that make us SMILE!

It is so important to be positive and take note of the things around you that make you smile. It can be big or small… whatever puts a smile on your face! Our influences have collectively put a list together of smile-worthy thoughts so that we can make your day a little brighter.

@TheGlamourPursuit in the #BearpawLiberty

“What truly makes me smile is knowing that I am pursuing what I’m passionate about. There is nothing more invigorating than doing what I love. Also I have the best support system and I truly would not be where I am without them. ” -Gaonou from @TheGlamourPursuit


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@MonicaJKetchum in the #BearpawElleYouth

“Getting to spend days outside the norm with the kids and my husband makes my mama heart so happy. Seeing their smiles and laughter at the zoo is my favorite. Knowing I GET to be their mama truly makes me smile every day.” -Monica from @MonicaJKetchum

@KatrinaGwen in the #BearpawJude

“What makes me happy?  It’s the simplest things – a sunny day and a great cup of tea.  The sun just energizes me and makes me feel like I can conquer the day. It’s a total mood booster.  And the tea?  Well, I’m a mom so any tasty caffeine treat puts a real smile on my face!” -Katrina from @KatrinaGwen

@PinchofGinger in the #BearpawJude

“I love slow mornings spent with a cup of coffee, a good book and cozy slippers.  Starting my morning off right makes my day go much smoother.”

Erin Richardson

“What truly makes me happy is being with my siblings, because I feel loved and supported. And when my brother and sister is happy it makes me happy!”

Xoxo Miss Kayla rose ❤️ @StylishKayla

“There’s nothing better than seeing the excitement on your dogs face when you get home after a long day! It might sound silly, but there’s just something about the joy a dog exudes and the unconditional love that they have for “their people.”


“It’s been about a month since Zooey came into my life. She’s such a bundle of joy and every morning I wake up looking forward to spending my day with her. The one thing I can’t seem to get her to stop doing is stealing my Bearpaws. She especially likes to sleep on my Bearpaw slippers.”

@candywaltrip & @zooeydesspaniel


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