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Social media expert or supermom? Our Bearpaw influencers are both! Today on the blog, these special ladies are sharing their best mom hack that they’ve learned throughout their experience in motherhood.

“Don’t let having babies or young kids hold you back from traveling! The more you do it, the easier it gets. There are so many benefits to traveling with kids. For me, it’s a chance to unplug and not be distracted by daily household chores and activities. I get to spend quality time with my children and make memories that will last a lifetime. And they learn so much from traveling whether it’s new cultures or just learning to be flexible, try new things and step outside their comfort zones. The best mom hack I have learned from frequent travel with kids is to always bring ziploc bags. You never know when they’ll come in handy and you can use them as snack bags, for wet or dirty clothes, or (hopefully never) as a barf bag! “


Featuring the Bearpaw Ash Slides and Bearpaw Genesis Sandals
Featuring the Bearpaw Genesis Sandals

Featuring the Bearpaw Ash Slides and Bearpaw Genesis Sandals

Drinking a hot coffee and enjoying every last sip!

“I hear every momma say that they always end up drinking cold coffee or tea that they reheated 100 times, or little hands have gotten ahold of it, and maybe even helped mom drink it up. My amazing little mom hack that has been a game changer is: I only drink my coffee in the car! Each day we try to make a point to get out of the house, and let me tell you it’s simply priceless for me to recoup having two busy toddlers. They usually take some time to rest, or enjoy looking out at the scenery as we go out for an afternoon ride & they love it! The best part is this momma can drink every last sip of her coffee and it stays hot. Then let the business of the day resume! Can I get an amen?! ?”

Amanda Fedora of @Motherhood_Better_Understood


“When we moved Jocelyn from her crib bed into her “big girl bed” we were faced with a delimma- twin or full size bed? A twin bed would give her the most space, but my heart yearned for the full size bed. We took the plunge and went with the full size bed. While we were spending big money, we wanted to make sure she was comfortable so we decided to look at the best mattresses 2020 and chose one that we thought would last her a long time. It is extremely important to have a good mattress no matter the age because you spend so long in bed every day that a cheap one can really be detrimental to your health. It can increase the chances of back pains, exhaustion, and weight gain. This is why it’s vital that you do your research when you are thinking about buying a new mattress for you or your family. We looked into a lot of mattress brands and, overall, getting a twin bed and mattress was the best decision ever! 1) You always have room for a friend during sleep-overs. 2) You can lay next to your child for bedtime stories or when they’re ill. 3) You won’t need to purchase a larger bed when they hit the teen years. 4) You don’t need to worry about your kid being unable to sleep. So if you have the space, go for the larger bed. It’s a better investment in the long run.”

Jennifer Gilmore of @SassyTeacherChic

“My favorite mom hack is that I read the classics to my children, starting at birth, alongside picture books. Before my kids could talk they had heard me read aloud dozens of literary masterpieces! I don’t know if it had anything to do with it, but all 4 of them are amazing readers and writers with a love of language! “

Megan and Maiden of @MaidenKindly

Featuring the Bearpaw Emerson and Bearpaw Nora

“If you’re dealing with postpartum anxiety/depression make sure to speak out and talk to someone about it. Share how you’re feeling and don’t bottle up those emotions. Once I started opening up about how I felt I was able to heal. There is nothing wrong with meeting with a psychiatrist and/or therapist. Take time to take care of your mental health. It’ll help you in the long run and help you to be the best you can be.”

Abigail of @TheClassyGiraffe

“My two girls have made me a mother. And of that I am truly thankful for! Although there are many days where everything seems impossible. When having these sticky whiney babes seem so complicated and with so much sacrifice. There are days when the girls are in tears and no one can solve the problem or pinpoint why, not even themselves. I know all you parents know what I’m talking about.

But then there are days when things are simpler. When we agree, laugh, and and enjoy all the same foods. When our time feels unlimited and we share all the moments together. When we sing along to educational songs for children from youtube. When I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else than with my girls, enjoying a perfect moment cuddling with a book and enjoying a sweet treat.

It’s the sum total of the messy days and the easy days that bring me so much joy. The days when my girls look up at me and remind me that they are all that matter. They remind me that it was them that taught me what real love feels and looks like. And how I am forever thankful that my sweet girls taught me how to be a mother!

So although it’s nearly Mother’s Day, happy daughters day because without these sweet faces I wouldn’t have this day to celebrate at all. “

– My thoughts on Mother’s Day @carissabmitch

Featuring the Bearpaw Emma
Featuring the #BearpawEmma and #BearpawKoko

“My mom hack is one I learned way too late into the game unfortunately. After spending way close to a hundred dollars on different “sensory play” activities I got fed up and a quick google search led me to literally hundreds of different ideas from rice, and jello to even these cool, cheap water activated lights! We throw them in anytime our sons bathing and they turn the entire bathtub into one big sensory pool! ”


“As a new mom, I’m still learning so much but one hack or tip I have shared recently is the boppy pillow! ( this pillow is a must have for all moms, regardless if you are breastfeeding or feeding with a bottle. Positioning my body in a way where it provides good arm support helped in getting my newborn to latch on easily and not feel too uncomfortable.”


“Three years into my motherhood journey and I’ve learned so many new hacks! One of my favorites is working out with my kids. Literally, working out WITH them! I can curl them and bench them and the ultimate cardio: “trapeze” which my son is obsessed with as I twirl him all around in the art of trapeze! I do enjoy running alone and doing work out videos while the kids nap, but it is fun to involve them in working-out, and they think it’s so funny. Next up on my to-do list: create “the ultimate mama-work out” and involve the kids in the whole routine! 🙂 It’s all about getting creative, having fun, and working those muscles at the same time!”

Monica Ketchum

Featuring the Bearpaw Kaylee
Featuring the Bearpaw Emma and Bearpaw Kaylee

Meal Time Hack!

“When my first born was a toddler I noticed that she wasn’t into veggies at all. I developed a system with her that I now consider a parent hack and has continued throughout the years with the rest of our kids. I simply tell them that each veggie & fruit is grown in a princess or superhero garden. For example spinach: is grown in Cinderella’s garden. Broccoli grows in Hulks garden & makes you strong. Tomatoes are grown in Spider Man’s garden etc. This little hack has been a life saver in our home & I hope it will work in yours. Tweaking a few things that you know your kids love might help too. “

xo, Romelia


“As a mom of both a toddler and a Great Dane, I have tried all of the methods to removing stains and have finally settled on one that’s been super reliable for any kind of stain (rugs and clothing)! I use a 4:1 Hydrogen Peroxide to Dawn Dish Soap solution in an amber spray bottle (you can find them on Amazon), spray until saturated, then lightly scrub. I then cover the stain with a towel, press gently, and let sit for 1-2 hours. If it’s a garment, I’ll let it sit then wash it. Depending on the stain, sometimes I have to do it twice, but it’s been a life saver on my new rug! For good measure, I’ll go over the spot with my rug cleaner or blot with a wet wash cloth, but it’s not necessary.”

Hilary Thompson of @MamaGetsDressed


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