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We are growing baby number four over here so I’m pretty experienced when it comes to pregnancy! We’ve still got a lot of the stuff from my first child so that makes things easier for us but there’s still quite a bit to prepare! We’ve got the stroller, crib, baby room, even the nursery wall decals we got for our first child are still on the walls! I feel lucky to be able to go through this experience so many times so I figured I should share all my [hard earned] insights into what to bring with you to the hospital. These days, I keep it simple. I’ve shared the links to my favorites below.

There are certain things your hospital will provide, and if you know those ahead of time that helps. All the hospitals where I’ve delivered gave me mesh panties and large pads. So something you really do NOT need to pack is your own undies.

Grey Lace Robe

My top item to pack is a nice robe. I’ve never met anyone who loved chilling in a hospital gown longer then they had to. Plus, you’re most likely going to have visitors. A robe is an easy way to look pretty and put together, and is handy for nursing and all those checkups from the nurses and doctors. (I plan on tossing this one in the dryer for a bit to loosen up the wrinkles.) So I could definitely do without this appliance breaking on me during the time when I need it the most. It has been making a lot of funny noises lately and I’m worried it will just break before I have had the chance to contact somewhere like this home warranty florida company to enquire about getting a home warranty plan, as with a baby on the way, we could do without paying extortionate costs for broken appliances. I just hope it lasts long enough to get these creases out.

May and Joy robes are incredibly affordable and they have many pretty options from which to choose.

I always bring my makeup bag. Even if you just slap on some tinted moisturizer, a swipe of mascara and lipgloss, you’re going to feel much more human if you can get a little fixed up. When my friend was in the hospital, her husband brought her a private label hyaluronic serum which helped her get back to feeling a little more human again.

Cream Bearpaw Slippers

I also have slippers on my list. I’m not a huge fan of the fuzzy socks the hospital provides, but I want something to slip on my feet when I go to the bathroom, or walk around.

It’s kind of a given, but don’t forget your phone charger.

Clothes to wear home is another thing to consider. I’ll probably bring leggings, a T-shirt/tank and a cardigan. I might throw in a dress just in case I’m feeling extra fancy.

Feather Swaddle

Don’t forget a few baby things. Once again, the hospital will provide the basics like diapers and wipes. But it’s so fun to pick out their first little outfit, along with a blanket or swaddle. Look for a cute hat, as it’s good to keep the baby’s body temperature regulated. You may want to look into the best thermometer UK. As they grow older, it is really handy to keep around for when they’re under the weather.

And that’s about it! I’d love to hear your must haves for your own hospital bag. Is there anything you packed that you didn’t use at all?

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