Top 10 Activities for Celebrating Fall | Monica Ketchum

Red and yellow leaves, cool breeze.

Pumpkin patches and apple orchards.

Brisk walks and blankets to cuddle under.

Golden sunshine and Indian summer days.

Hoodies and football games.

All just little reminders that fall is here.

Fall is my favorite season, every single thing about it. And I’ve grown to love it even more when we had babies. Seeing them enjoy the beauty of fall makes it even better.

I’ve put together a list of my top 10 activities to do with your family to celebrate fall! Don’t forget to take a lot of photos as you’re making memories, and make traditions!

1. Pick pumpkins

I’ve never really been big into Halloween, but after recently losing my aunt (and it was her favorite!) I’ve decided we will get into the spirit and decorate this year. Pumpkins scream fall, whether you’re just sitting them on your porch or carving them…go pick pumpkins! And make baked pumpkin seeds after, YUM.

2. Have a bonfire

Sitting around a fire with family and friends is my favorite. The crackling and popping, the warmth and beauty of the flames. Add in some s’mores and you’re golden! We moved to the country so we have amazing, big bonfires! And we also have a marshmallow obsessed toddler so…

3. Bake cookies

I have a major sweet tooth, and I love to bake! Whether it’s the pre-made cookies with pumpkins on them, or homemade decorated sugar cookies…just get in the kitchen and bake! The kids can help, too! Warm gooey chocolate chip cookies are my favorite!

4. Pick apples

One of my favorite memories as a child was growing up near an apple orchard, and my family would ride on the hay wagon back to the trees and pick an apple. We’d just get to pick one, so we had to make sure it was the best apple ever. Then we’d spend the entire ride back shining it on our shirt. I can’t wait to recreate those memories with my own kids.

5. Have cider and donuts

We go to the orchard multiple times a year, but every October 4 since 2014, we’ve gone and got hot cider and fresh donuts from Robinettes. We always take a photo in front of the giant apple, and it’s been such a cool tradition, especially watching our family grow each year. There is just something so special about traditions and of course, fresh hot cinnamon sugar donuts.

6. Go on walks or hikes

The cool mornings make me giddy. I love getting my boots on and my hat, and just going for a walk (by myself or with the family!) down the gravel road, or through the woods. I like having a leaf contest…seeing who can find the biggest, prettiest leaf! Seeing God’s creation around me, changing colors and being so refreshing after a hot summer just amazes me. A walk each morning is good for the soul. When we go on longer hikes, we make sure we take more supplies and equipment just in case something goes wrong. If you aren’t sure what you need to take on a hike then there are good guides on so be sure to take a look!

7. Enjoy mornings on the deck

Sometimes if I get up before the kids, I actually get to enjoy a hot cup of coffee, and it’s even better on our long-awaited deck. If you ever need an excuse to spend some money on your deck area, Fall is the perfect one. I am dreaming of modernizing my deck with something like these stacked stone & brick faux panels and some comfy outdoor sofas. That would make it the perfect space to sit and hear the birds chirp and see the bright morning sun. That’s what helps me to get energized for the day. Moms need mornings like that.

8. Cuddle and watch movies

I love being outside all day, I love everything about the great outdoors (except bugs) but there is just something about the amazing evenings inside, next to the fireplace, cuddled with my husband, watching a movie together after the kids have gone to bed. And it’s never too early to watch Home Alone!!

9. Go on color tours

We drive long distances, since we moved to the middle of nowhere…but the drives are peaceful and beautiful in the fall, being surrounded by bright yellows and reds and oranges. Taking the backroads and even the highways are all glorious.

10. Visit small towns

About 2 hours north of us, there is a town called Leland, known as Fishtown, right off M22. I’m obsessed with that place, and the entire peninsula it’s on. With the winding roads, small, quaint towns, gorgeous beaches and bays, and perfect views…visiting small towns and north country is my final and favorite thing to do in the fall (and honestly, allllll year long.)

Hopefully this list includes a few things you can add to yours, to make this new season even more special. Let me know what your favorite activity is to celebrate fall!


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