#BearpawBesties | International Day of Friendship


We’re celebrating the International Day of Friendship by sharing our ambassador’s best friends and their favorite moments together.

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“Jordan and I have been friends since freshman year of college and it seems like we have been through almost everything together! She’s one of those people that is there for you at the drop of a hat; she’s strong, courageous, and fiercely loyal! One of my favorite memories was just a year or so after college, we became roommates again and crammed into a one bedroom apartment (broke times!). Despite the lack of space, we had so much fun living together, watching silly girly shows (like The Bachelorette!) and eating all of the food we shouldn’t!” @LaurenToews




“Here is a photo of my best friend, my husband Justin, and my two little besties, my kids. One of my favorite memories with Justin is seeing new places and introducing our kids to new places like the beautiful Canadian Rockies. I spend more time with my kids these days than anyone else and they really are my 2 favorite people. We also share the most hilarious conversations and they teach me the most.” @OurLifeAndTimes




“This is my best friend, Bekah! Bekah and I were both student-athletes at a small private school in Minnesota, both pursuing graduate school programs. It was almost by luck that we became roommates for her senior/my junior year of college, and neither of us ever expected such a great friendship to blossom from it! We grew even closer after college, as we were two of the only girls we graduated with who continued into professional degrees. Bekah began law school in Virginia, and I missed her dearly. One of my favorite memories of all time with her is when I came to Virginia to interview at the medical school at the same university she was attending law school at. We had the best 4 days adventuring around her new town together. She dropped me off at and picked me up from my interview and took me to law school with her! Simple things like running together, late night talks, giggling at everything, and cooking meals together is what true forever friendship is all about. Although I chose to attend a school in Florida, I’ll never forget our week together in Virginia!” @TiffanyJoy8





“This girl means the world to me, and she’s the definition of a best friend. Our friendship started over our love for essential oils, and it’s only grown from their. Having someone that shares the same love and dedication for Jesus means everything to me, and it’s so hard to find nowadays. Andrea has been a constant, and I’m forever grateful for her love and friendship, and she loves my kids. ❤

My favorite memories span from seeing Star Wars on opening night, to our countless walks around the block, to weekend trips up to Traverse City! She’s seriously the best and I love her so much!” @MonicaJKetchum





“Christi and I have been besties for just over 10 years. We have been through so much together. This past January I helped her move several states away. While this was difficult on so many levels, I was so excited for her and for all the new opportunities presented to her. We talk often and FaceTime often. I know that we will always be there for each other no matter how far apart we live. This photo is at her new home in her new state after we got her settled in. Our sweaters say it all!” @IamTerriB




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