We love our #PapaBears | Happy Father’s Day

For every sporting event and birthday party, there is a special man holding the camera and telling the world’s worst jokes…. that’s papa bear for you! We’re celebrating these wonderful men by dedicating this post to the father figures in our ambassador’s lives. Whether it be a dad, grandpa, husband or even a close family friend…. we have to share the love with these men that do one of the most difficult jobs around, raising all of us! It doesn’t just have to stop with these appreciation posts though, why not go all out and check out this list here? You never know he might love getting a new gadget or two… and why shouldn’t we spoil these wonderful men in our life?

“No matter how much I loved Chauncey before our children were born, I fell even more in love with him each time he held our children in his arms for the first time.
There’s something magical about watching the man you love transform into an amazing father to your children.
After a long day at the office, he’ll often make time to play Minecraft with Kane while holding Karoline. “
–Tiff Fannin
“I always dreamed of getting married one day. I thought and dreamed about the man I would marry and becoming a mother.
What I didn’t really think of was how that man would be a father to our children. Yet, somehow I lucked out.
This man changes diapers, stays up at night, kisses boo boos, and handles times outs.
He gladly takes on the whole neighborhood so I can have a mom’s night out. I’d say I hit the jackpot when he asked me to marry him and again every time we become parents again.”
–Jamie Fuller

“Happy Father’s Day to all the loving, supportive, fun, hilarious dads out there. I hope you feel wrapped in love!
And a special shout out to this guy, my favorite person! He is the back bone to our family, our biggest supporter and just the greatest dad in the world!
My happiest moments are with you and our children. Thank you for always putting us first and making everything so much more fun!”
-Erika Francis

“I consider myself a lucky wife having Jon as a husband. But our kiddos are even luckier to have him as their dada. He’d do anything for them; he truly is a great dad, and it’s been a joy watching him love, laugh and grow with each babe. I always think Mother’s Day should be every day of the year, and I think the same about Father’s Day. These guys should be recognized for giving of themselves, for bending over backwards for their families and for sacrificing so much, which in our case means we only see daddy Friday night through Sunday afternoon because he works in another city. I know it’s hard now, and the kids miss their daddy, but it’s my hope and prayer that someday soon they understand how great of a dad they have, and I hope they appreciate the unending love he gives them. Happy Father’s Day, to the best daddy we know, and to my own dad, and to all the selfless dadas out there! ?”
-Monica Ketchum
“He is a HUGE fishing guy and lives in Maine. One year for his birthday he came to visit us while we lived in Florida, and we rented a charter boat! He’s the sort of guy who enjoys reading articles on fishing (like this – Catchandfillet.com/how-to-catch-fluke/) so, as you can imagine, this was a dream come true for him!
The other people ended up cancelling so it ended up just being me and my dad (with the crew) fishing all day!
To this day he says it’s one of his favorite memories! And it’s one of my favorites too :)”
-Leah McNally

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