10 Ways to Celebrate National Best Friend Day

Best friends are the family that you get to choose. Today is the best excuse to spend some time together and get out of your comfort zone. The two of you share a million memorable moments, lets help add one more to the mix!

We’ve come up with 10 ways to celebrate #NationalBestFriendDay with your favorite person!

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1. Plan a girlfriend getaway– Get out of your normal routine and plan a wanderlust adventure with your bestie. Whether it be something as extravagant as a 3-day cruise to Mexico or as small as a hiking trail around the corner from your house, just get out and explore!

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2. Movie Night- Any excuse for a cheesy chick flick filled night is good enough! Pop the popcorn, stock up on treats and kick back for a relaxing night filled with giggles. And if one movie just isn’t enough, make sure that you have other programs and films lined up too. You may even want to look at this list of most watched cable shows, a time where people were confined to watching shows and movies all day during isolation. There is bound to be something you and your bestie can get stuck into, (perhaps with social distance in place if Covid 19 is still dampening your spirits). Whatever the reason, make sure you make it a night that you won’t forget.

3. Surprise your bestie- Is your best friend stuck at work on this #nationalbestfriendday? Surprise her with a latte and a 15 minute chat session on her break!

4- Try out a new restaurant- Are there any new hot spots around town? Is there a type of food that you’ve been dying to try? Get all dolled up and splurge on a dining experience.

Photo by @LaurenToews

5- Go Out and Play!- For those sporty friends! Tennis, Bocce Ball or Basketball; just go to the park and run around if you have to. Sometimes the simplest of days can be the most memorable. Make it competitive and challenge each other – for example, if you are playing tennis, take this tennis quiz once you have finished to check your rating and see who can improve theirs the most over the next few weeks.

6- $20 Dollar Thrift Challenge– This can be played a variety of ways depending on your interests but the goal is simple; to find the most interesting outfit/finds at a thrift store for under $20. You can even make it silly and pick a theme (ex. 90’s theme, Old Hollywood, ect.)

7- Have a Tea Party- Sometimes its just fun to have an excuse to wear a fancy dress and eat mini sandwiches…

8- Go to a Museum– Learn a little about the town you live in with your bestie by visiting one of your local museums.

Photo by @LaurenToews

9- Bake something or make something!– Make your pinterest board come to life by trying out a new recipe or putting together a craft. Even if it fails miserably, at least you’ll have a fun time putting this together with your favorite person!

10- Help someone else in need– No matter what life hands you, at least you have your best friend by your side. Share this love with someone who may not be as fortunate. Get out into the community and help in any way possible.

Photo by @LaurenToews

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