May the 4th be with Bearpaw

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….

Here at Bearpaw, we are firm believers in the rebel alliance.

While fighting to restore order throughout the galaxy, it is important to look good and feel comfortable along the way!

We have compiled a few of our Bearpaw favorites alongside some pretty awesome Star Wars swag (Thanks to a few mega fans we have here in the office!).


Princess Layla

Don’t mess with the princess…. Your outfit is sure to be out of this galaxy with this strappy summer sandal.




Starry, Starry Night meets Stormtroopers

Pair this painted tee with our Claire ankle booties in Denim.

This look is BB-9E approved!



Lucas….. use the force!

Join the dark side with our black Lucas boots. These boots are both water & lightsaber proof.



“Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi.

You’re my only Haven”

Stay on the light side with our Dove Grey Haven oxfords.




Interstellar Sandals

The Gianna sandals are perfectly cushioned for those long interstellar trips throughout the nebula.



Cozy as a Wookie

Don’t mess with the classics. Channel some Chewbacca vibes with our cozy Emma boots.



Are you a Star Wars fan? Let us know your favorite character down below!

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