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“As a mom, sharing my passions with my young ones brings me so much joy. When I found out I was having girls, oh the shopping I knew I was going to do. What I didn’t foresee was the joy of watching them grow and want to be just like me. My oldest is convinced she’s going to be a photographer like daddy and a blogger like mommy. Her little eyes light up whenever we receive a package in the mail especially when it’s for her little (or rather big, come to think of it, when did that happen?) feet in the form of a Bearpaw delivery.” -Jamie Fuller



I like to live comfy and Bearpaw sandals let me do that. The foot bed is soft and flexible and that’s different than any other sandals. They let me do things I can never do in other sandals and they don’t hurt my feet. Bearpaw sandals are the best choice for spring adventures.


My Bearpaw sandals are soft and I can run in them because they are also flexible. They are great for exploring nature. I love Bearpaw: the comfort, style, and adventure.  Hikes are a big part summer and Bearpaw makes it even more fun.


Bearpaw sandals go with everything from jeans to skirts. Adventures are fun with sandals you can run in. Bearpaw makes sunny days more comfortable. Summer is on the way so we will wear our Bearpaws even more. I think Bearpaw is awesome, comfy, and fun to wear.


About Me: Hi, I’m A. My favorite subject is handwriting. My favorite animal is piggy. My favorite color is pink. I like to write because it’s not math. When I grow up I want to be a photographer and have a blog (like mommy and daddy). 




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