Lessons from Mama Bear

Being a mother is the most selfless job a person can have and it can also be the most rewarding one.

We’re celebrating these special ladies by sharing the lessons they have taught our ambassadors,

along with the some of the lessons our mommy bloggers have learned along their own journey.


“My mom an grandma were both very big mothering roles to me my whole life.

Now as I am a mother I will catch myself doing so many of the things they did to me as a little girl.

They are so loving and I am so grateful for that because my daughter and I have such a strong bond and trust.

Its so magical!” –@maeganmaelynnstarks





“Since becoming a mom I’ve learned the true meaning of being selfless.

You can’t fully understand what it means to take care of someone 24/7, whose life literally depends on you, until you become a mom.

Being selfless means not taking a shower for 4 days or running on 2 hours of sleep because your baby needs you.

The coolest thing about it though? I don’t even mind coming second to my daughter.”



“Being a mother is wonderful, amazing, indescribable but above all it’s challenging.

There are things I love about every phase of motherhood and things I don’t love so much (we just finally potty trained the four year old- that may be at the top of my list;).

But, through all the imperfect mess that is motherhood, I have learned that beauty doesn’t always come in a neat little package.

Quite often, things become more beautiful because of their imperfections. So, I’ve learned to enjoy every dirty, chaotic, love filled day.” 



“Just over 12 years ago I became a mother, and in that time I have learned and grown and laughed and yelled so much.

Each stage has its challenges, but I have truly enjoyed every single one!!  One of the most important lessons I have learned is that there is no right or wrong way to parent. 

Every situation you encounter is unique to your family.  No book or friend can tell you the best way to deal with it.

  You just have to trust your gut!  And while being buddies with your kid is awesome, you have to be a parent first.”



“Being a mom for almost two years now has taught me so much—

how to give everything to God, how to be patient, how to have it all together and also how to lose my mind, how to love fiercely, and how to let go of “perfection” and just roll with it…

being a mom is the greatest, most beautiful mess there could ever possibly be.”



“I am honored to be mommy to these lovely little humans.

I never thought motherhood would change me through and through, but it did.

The days are long, sometimes too long, but the years are way too fast.

My mother always told me to enjoy these days, as they are fleeting, and I know what she means now.

She inspires me to be the best mom and strongest woman that I can be.”



“I think the biggest thing I have learned about being a mom is how to live with my heart walking around outside of my body.

It is absolutely incredible the love you have for your child, it’s the most amazing thing I have ever experienced.”




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