Lucky Mom in Bearpaws

Lucky Mom in Bearpaws


By Jamie Fuller of Mommy in Flats

Featured boots: Koko in Hickory (on mommy); Kids’ Boshie in Hickory (size 4); Kids’Abigail in Hickory (size 13)


It’s funny how things happen sometimes, just the way you wanted but nothing like you expected. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a mom. When other kids were dreaming of being doctors or ballerinas, I was imagining a wedding and babies. As I grew, this never changed and motherhood has come easily to me. I met my husband soon after college and we got married almost a year to the day after we met. Our first baby was easy to come by. Almost a honeymoon pregnancy, I barely had to do anything other than the standard checkups. I never had to try or wish or wait for a healthy baby either as three more came close behind. So, yes, motherhood has come easy to me and I am lucky that I never had to worry, never had to google “can I get a free pregnancy ultrasound?” or “does X symptom mean my baby is unhealthy?”

I have two girls and two boys. I am lucky. I am also lucky to be able to share my love of fashion with two little humans who want to be just like mama. How their little faces perk up when they hear they have a package on the way. After they picked out these beautiful boots by Bearpaw, I didn’t hear the end of it. Excited little voices chorusing “Are my shoes coming today?” And, when they did, the excitement of tearing open lids and rustling tissue paper was accompanied by squeals of “I love them! They fit perfectly!” They love them and so do I, Bearpaw’s sizing is perfect for growing feet. Because Bearpaws are soft and somewhat moldable, I could buy them in the next size up and know they will grow with little feet and stretch to last for years to come (there is nothing more frustrating for moms than the rate at which children go through shoes).



I am lucky in motherhood for so many reasons, almost too many to count. Though it came easily, it isn’t always (oh the bickering and the snack procuring and long exhausting nights). Thanks Bearpaw for making keeping up with little feet just a little comfier in your soft, warm stylish shoes. And, thank you for inspiring the next generation to live life comfortably. I am lucky in motherhood and lucky in shoes thanks to Bearpaw.

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