BEARPAW Partners with Neverwet by Rust-oleum

BEARPAW, a global leader in the footwear industry, is collaborating with NeverWet by Rust-Oleum on an exclusive two year partnership in their respective category that will provide their customers with damage protection against stains from almost everything including muds, cola, wine grape juice, syrup, and many more. This partnership will offer BEARPAW customers a one-of-a-kind treatment preventing discolored and spotted damaged footwear.

Known as one of the leading fabric protectors in the industry, NeverWet’s superhydrophobic crystal clear formula allows fabrics to breathe and keeps water from the surface. The treatment also has self-cleaning properties that help dirt and debris easily rinse away.

“The BEARPAW brand’s success was not only established on the mission to provide consumers with stylish footwear, but it was also developed to offer the customers the best in comfort, quality, durability and functionality”, says President, John Pierce. “This partnership with NeverWet will position our company as a leader in footwear technology in offering our customers new, innovative products.”

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