Happy April Fools’ Day!

With every pair of BEARPAWS you purchase today, you get a free bear cub!


In  the spirit of the holiday, we came up with a few April Fools headlines we’d like to see from Fashion Magazines:

  1.  This Spring, gain 25 lbs for your bikini!
  2. Wear makeup in the morning!  Now derms say to never wash it off at night.
  3. You were normal 3 cats ago.  Keep going, girl!
  4. The candy diet.
  5. Those envelope stuffing schemes to be a millionaire?  Totally legit.
  6. Get paid to wander aimlessly around Sephora!

Hope any April Fools’ Day Pranks played on you are harmless and don’t end up like Google’s ill-advised mic drop prank!

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