BEARPAW Triple Vision: One Boot Three Ways

There’s just something about that one pair of boots that make you feel light on your toes, sexy, and ready to go out and shake your money-maker. For moi, those have to be the BEARPAW Bonnie Boots.

So here was my weekend:

Friday Night

Office party cocktails. Okay, there is no way after the long week I had that I’m going to go home and change my shoes. Once I see my couch, that harsh mistress is always like, “No, really. Sit on me. Relax. For 10 minutes … come on Boo.”

[Cue to 3 am with my mascara running down my face, lipstick smudged on my Pier 1 pillows, and an episode of Saved by the Bell is on in a language I don’t even speak.]

So I went with what I wore at the office:


Office parties? No, I’m not uncomfortable at all …

BEARPAW Bonnie Boot

{Inner dialogue} I do care about last Monday’s report. I do care about last Monday’s report. I do …

BEARPAW Bonnie Boot

No, it’s water. No really. I love my verbal censor, thank you very much.

Saturday Night

Dancing then after party at a friend’s house. OMG, they were playing Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, and just a bit of Neil Diamond to keep us on our toes.

BEARPAW Bonnie Boot

Yeah, I can totally pull off dancing on the table!

BEARPAW Bonnie Boot

Shake your groove thing, Boo! Yeah, this is awesome!!!

BEARPAW Bonnie Boot

Oh, am I the only dancing? Yes. Yes, I am …

Sunday Afternoon

Grocery shopping. Do grocery stores stock hot guys in the produce aisle on purpose? I’ve always wanted to squeeze a dude’s bicep, and when he confronts me as to what I’m doing, I’ll just respond, “I’M JUST TESTING TO SEE IF YOU’RE RIPE … GOSH!!!!”

Friends’-night-in watching The Oscars. Even in my house, there’s a line to the bathroom …

BEARPAW Bonnie Boot

No, it’s ok. I don’t have to go that badly …

BEARPAW Bonnie Boot

Am I going to have to wear protective gear when I go in here?

BEARPAW Bonnie Boot


Turns out, she was “powdering her nose.” I’ve never powered my nose in my whole life. At least I could still feel my legs from the calf down since the Bonnie’s are ridiculously comfortable.

And that’s my week in 1 boot … 3 ways.

Have a good week and cheers everyone! Stay warm ~


Boo 🙂



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  1. tami bates on February 24, 2015 at 12:11 am
  2. Shawna on February 24, 2015 at 1:10 am

    I so love that you aren’t afraid to be the only one dancing on the table! I have a feeling we’d be great friends!!

    • Bearpaw Stylist on February 24, 2015 at 1:43 am

      Shawna, thank you!!!! I bet we would be as well. Let’s hope that during our table dancing, there will be music playing lol 😉

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